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Foundations Set

“What Is The Most Effortless And Direct Way Of Becoming The Cool Guy That Naturally Attracts Women?”

Our New FOUNDATIONS Program Will Arm You With The Practical Knowledge You Need To Overcome Your Obstacles And Set You On The Path Of Success With Women IMMEDIATELY…


From the same guys who run the most live in-field dating programs across the globe comes the most comprehensive guide designed to get you CONSISTENT RESULTS WITH WOMEN.

We’ve taken the newest insights and cutting-edge techniques  that we’ve developed over the years and crammed them into an in-depth program that will jump-start your success.

How do we do this?

We present a plan that you can instantly apply to your particular situation no matter where you’re at in your skillet or what stage of the game you’re in with a woman.

As with our kick-ass Bootcamp resource, this program is structured to systematically equip you with the core essentials you’ll need to become a MAN OF ACTION.

I must say the delivery of the information is absolutely awesome. Entertaining, direct, to the point and breaks this process down into manageable steps. They do not just focus on routines.

I was focused on the structure that they were breaking down and explaining brick by brick. My mind blew a fuse more than once. I wrote more there than any university lecture I have ever gone to. I got through two notebooks.

I learned that I could attract women and it had nothing to do with them. It was me. This was a huge relief.

Satori, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With our newest Superconference Dating System, which has taken us four years to refine, you can learn the powerful tools to dissipate your fears and get the results you want.

Never before has there been a program so well designed with effective and practical techniques that can be used immediately. The Superconference Series will awaken all of your abilities, skills, and resources that will play a part in your success with women.

The Quickest Way To Learn The Advanced Elements Of The Mechanics Of Dating

Learn From Executive Producer, Tyler, How To Become An Authority In Dating And Picking up Cool And Attractive Women

Let me ask you a question…

What if I were to tell you that there’s a secret game that’s played everyday?

What if I were to tell you that hundreds of millions of people played this game EVERYDAY?

What if I further told you that most of the people who play this have no idea what they’re doing?

Yes, I’m talking about the GAME OF DATING.

And yet, the mechanics of this game have received comparably little attention with other activities. Clearly people do find each other without consciously knowing a lot about how it happens.

This is where I come in.

As one of the spear-headers of the men’s improvement movement, I treat pickup as a linear science so that you can have control over who you wind up with, and not leave it to the random forces of “fate” and “luck.”

At the same time, I am one of the few to recognize that pickup can sometimes be a grey area, and that not everything can always fit into an exact scientific model. Knowing when something will work and when it will not is KEY to your progress.

At RSD, we pride ourselves for creating a model in our programs that caters to every individual, not dispensing dogmatic advice that won’t work with everybody. We show you how to take the initiative to calibrate the focus of your training wherever you want it, so that you will KNOW what works in a given situation.

Just like our hugely successful live in-field bootcamps, we know how to make our programs resonate with every type of person. The concepts I teach can be tailored to fit your individual goals, so that putting it all together, you have a program that meets all your needs and shortcuts the learning curve.

You have passed on a skill that’s allowed me to be more confident in approaching women. I’ve been able to “sell myself” & appeal to women.  Everything I’ve feared before now seems ridiculous. Where were you guys when I was in high school? Your company is here now, & I am so glad that I decided to take your course. I discovered that Real Social Dynamics are a group of guys that started off similarly to me & got so fed up w/ the dynamics of dating that they decided to do something about it.  Your work has helped me out in ways I can’t even express. Thank you…thank you…thank you.

Earl K. from Los Angeles, CA, USA


“You’re about to discover the fail-proof ways to attracting and keeping any women you want from the world’s best Dating Expert…”

Let’s face it: to get the specific girlfriend you want, you have to be good with women in general. If not, the girl you want will see right through your insecurities.

I know what it is to come from a place of insecurity.

When my first girlfriend left me, I was totally deflated and it nearly caused me to flunk out of college. This made my goal of graduate school a lot more difficult, making me even more depressed.

I sat around depressed for the next six months. Eventually Idealized that I was way too affected by it, and that it was a sign of a larger shortcoming.

Something was clearly out of alignment with my life.

I set out to get everything that I thought I needed in order to attract quality women.

I made a lot of money, got into a good school, bought a house, a new car, an entertainment unit, and any other superficial thing you can think of. I went to the gym on a daily basis and bought the best clothes I could get.

And after all this, I was back to where I started.

Even when the odd girl would like me, I’d blow it by bringing up that I had all these things.
Why? Because they could sense the place of neediness I was coming from. Secretly, I had built all of that up hoping that a woman would notice it.

I read every book and listened to every tape I could find, but only found them unsatisfying.
I then made a firm decision that I was going to get this area of my life handled, and I never wavered from that decision. So for a year, I approached at least five women a day and chatted with them, and this experience helped me build the basic set of social skills I needed.

For more than four years, I traveled the world, met anyone with a shred of skill, studied and tested anything that was remotely useful, wrote thousands of articles, and ran workshops every weekend.

Many people speculate why I went so hard on this. The answers a lot simpler than you’d expect: I really just wanted to offer the best program I could, and it was a lot of fun building it.

The FOUNDATIONS GAMEPLAN To Making Your Unhindered Goals A REALITY

Over these years, I have completed the program that may be the most comprehensive and effective method for pickup ever devised.

I know it’s different than ANYTHING out there because all the techniques and content in the program reflects my own evolution in becoming a “natural” with women. The application of the strategies inside the program is the reason I no longer require “pickup lines,” and the reason why I am usually approached by women a few times day.

This digitally recorded and edited CD/DVD program contains over EIGHT hours of me teaching the ideas, strategies, and techniques you’ve come to expect from me for the last decade.

I have called this program, “FOUNDATIONS: The Complete “How To” System To Getting The Girls You Want.”

The great news is that I’m different from a natural, in that I have a conscious understanding of the structure behind what I do. This makes me more qualified to teach the material that I wished I’d had myself growing up.

I pride myself on my ability to inspire transformation in others and help them become “naturals” as well. I have now run more livein-field dating programs than anyone in the world, and this has enabled me to backwards engineer the dating dynamics to make it presentable to you in the best fashion. I can look at any guy, and see what he’s doing right or wrong within seconds.

Because of this, I can personally teach you:

• How to SHIFT YOUR THINKING to that of a genuinely cool guy.  By addressing the layers of societal conditioning, I strip away all the myths that have prevented you from building your confidence and social skills in order for you to become the naturally attractive guy you are meant to be.

• How to create massively strong INNER GAME by holding your own while learning how to get good with women. I’m talking about the SPECIFIC ways you can strengthen your FOUNDATIONS everyday, and I give you a game-plan to becoming proactive. I show you how to IMPLEMENT LASTINGHABITS in your personality, so that you won’t feel jealousy, insecurity, or neediness with women ever again.

• A detailed plan on how to become the man who is CONFIDENT in every single situation and who knows how to withstand social pressure. By breaking down female psychology for you, I show you the specific ways that you can eliminate your weak thought patterns.

• A METICULOUS and THOROUGH STEP-BY-STEP BREAKDOWN on the 8 elements of any GOOD PICKUP. I guide you through the whole process and through every possible scenario with hundreds of instantly usable specific tips. I cover every single aspect so that you can automatically cull from the program whenever it comes up.

• A METHODIC system to running a smooth game through ADVANCED LOGISTICS. I give you ADVANCED LEVEL tips and rules for Winging, Phone Game, Sexual Techniques, and Dating Advice for taking the pickup to the next level. I condense so much information on this part that it alone could have been released as a separate program.
Because I spend around two hours of the program for each of these topics, I know that the information you will receive is the most up-to date and reliable from the most basic of techniques, tithe stuff that the masters use.

You CAN change the way you are around women.

 “All I have to say about Tyler’s presentation was that it ROCKED.  You can tell a lot about someone’s pickup style just by the way they talk. And Tyler can TALK…
Listen to him talkhe seems to have a wall around his INNER game and it’s like his OUTER GAME that interacts with the chicks – strictly skillset. That’s how it should be – that’s how someone gets finely tuned at this stuff…

Now for Advanced guys, there are so many different levels to some of the things that Tyler says that he’d say something – and it would trigger a thought process…and even get me started on new ideas and models for the GAME.

Blake W., from Los Angeles, CA, USA


Raising Your Standards And Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs With Women Will Help All Areas Of Your Life

Most guys sort their world through external references: they look at the men who have had the most success with women, and often find that these men are rich and good-looking. They therefore think, “I need money or good looks to be successful with women.”

However, guys need to sort their world through their internal references. It’s the ones who don’t look to others for approval of any sort that have their INNER GAME down. They can easily have success with women, and accomplish anything else they want in life.

In fact, many find out that that the reason the guys with money and looks are successful is because it gives some of them the CONFIDENCE needed to approach women.

Social conditioning has dictated to these guys that having money and looks are what makes them attractive. However, it’s the emotions that you elicit in women that attracts them to you. But again, this will happen ONLY if you have your Inner Game down.

This is because women have an intuitive capacity to know whether or not you are able to get what you want on a consistent basis. If you have any neediness to get women within you, you can make sure that she will pick it up within seconds of meeting you.

Many guys get into painful situations this way. Thinking that it could be a long time before you meet another girl while she can go out and meet another guy at any time often causes jealousy and other pains.

Because being a failure with women is being a failure at one of your core purposes, it can leave a dark cloud hanging over all of your other accomplishments.

The confidence and social skills you build learning to be good with women will help you maintain a better relationship and make you a better role model for your kids, as well as helping you in all the rest of the areas of your life.

When you begin sorting your world through your internal references, everything takes on a new meaning. You will feel that you are getting closer to your definite goal in life, because by learning pickup, you are already satisfying your need to enjoy women and relationships.

You will be completely fulfilled as a man.

New abilities and skills will be awakened in you, and you will feel more complete than you ever have before, knowing that you have the ability of picking up women whenever you want.

You will feel exhilarated by the power to transform your game.

But Most Guys Learning To Be Better With Women Want A Magic Pill

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “pay your dues.”

It’s commonly known that in order to get to where you really want to be in a particular area of life you have to “pay your dues” by investing your time and effort into it. There can be no “magic pills.”

Because I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars testing and refining the stuff on this program, I know what it means to “pay my dues” to get my game to the level it is now.

Even when I first started getting really good, I held off on creating a course for a long time. People would often ask, "Tyler, why haven't you released an Audio and Video program out there yet?"

Even though this would have been easy to do, I knew that investing first in my skillset and learning everything about dating and seduction would reap the greatest benefits later. After all, I wanted to get the girls in absolutely EVERY situation.

I learned to think for the long term and became process-oriented, not outcome-oriented. By not seeking an instant “magic pill,” I was able to enjoy the process of becoming the man I am today.

I also understood that accuracy was more important than speed when finding a solution to get the girls you want, and so I was going to take as long as I needed to make sure that whatever products we released would be LIFE-CHANGING.

Whenever you merge life-changing perspectives with kick-ass information, you make incredible gains in your game. So getting the skills to pass on to others was more important to me than success in the moment. And when I did release a program, I would make sure that it was something much more valuable than the endless “programs” those dating “gurus” churn out almost every week.

But let’s face it: most guys can’t spend years of practice refining their game. Like in all other areas of life, the hard work and dedication you spend investing in something, is the time you lose investing in another.

Without intense investment, you can reap no big benefits, unless… you don’t “pay your dues” with TIME.

You’ve paid your dues in time almost everywhere else in life – why pay them when my FOUNDATIONS program can save you YEARS of learning?

I can save you the most valuable asset you would have spent on getting to my level: TIME.
And you can use the time that you gain to enjoy and apply what you’ve learned to get the exact results you want.

Most Guys Think They Can Build Something Without First Laying Down Its FOUNDATIONS

There is a reason why it’s not enough to just have the theory to pick up women.

In order to get the best results, it’s important to always evolve, striving to be the absolute best, and living life to the fullest.  I still brush up on my skills EVERYDAY, making sure that I continually earn my place as one of the BEST Dating Coaches in the world.

I know how long I’ve had to work to become this good.

I’ve waited until now to release this program to make sure that all the information in this was on par with what’s being used and tested in the REAL WORLD.

At RSD, we pride ourselves for painstakingly developing only the most RELIABLE and APPLICABLE methods that you can use to bring your game to the next level.

I decided to speak around the world every quarter to share my field reports and insights at Superconferences because Advanced Game NEVER remains the same.

Like I said before, pickup can sometimes be a grey area. If you keep doing the same things that don’t work for you, then you can’t expect things to change for you. Albert Einstein once said that insanity “is doing the same things and expecting a different outcome.”

There are tons of techniques that come out every month developed to help you with women. And while we cover them all in our Live Programs, you need to know the FOUNDATIONS before you can start applying the more advanced and customizable techniques.

If you work out, you know that the guy who gets the most results isn’t the guy who does the harder and more challenging exercises on a whim. It’s the guy who does the smaller -but useful-exercises on a less frequent but CONSISTENT basis, who gets the BEST RESULTS.

Because he knows that his FORM needs to be down pat, he is sure to build the body he wants. Before going on to the more advanced exercises, he needs to MASTER the essential ones, the ones that will make him strong enough to get to the next level.

That’s why my FOUNDATIONS program takes you from the beginning to the end of the seduction model. I set the groundwork and the fundamentals to make your core STRONG-LIKE-BULL, so that you can then move on to apply all the advanced stuff that we cover in the in-field Bootcamps.

“Tyler has a field-honed eye for spotting the obvious things that most guys have never seen simply because they are so obvious.

Tyler covers everything in linear order, starting with a brief segment on inner game (an hour or two) before dealing with the skill-set side of the process in the remainder of the seminar, in order from opener to full close.

The material gets VERY advanced at times – picking-up girls from right under the noses of their dates, anyone? I think it is quite easy to read about the material and still not get it. There were things I thought I’d understood that I now see a lot differently having heard them directly and seen them in action.”

Adrian D. from London, England

Trying To Learn Only The Flashy Techniques
Is Like Putting A Band-Aid Over A Larger Problem

Just as you can’t build a house on a small foundation, you can’t become all you can be by simply learning all of the most recent and flashy techniques out there.

Because most of the advanced stuff we teach is for people who have already started putting in the effort necessary to get success with women, you need to ask yourself what you would be willing to do if you got your hands on this program.

Would you be willing to realize that:

If you identified with any of the truths above…CONGRATULATIONS! It means you’re on the right path…keep reading

The Most Important Shift In Thinking That Will Get You Your Dream Girl

It’s important that you don’t simply revert back to old needy behaviors as soon as you get some success with women.

With the FOUNDATIONS program, you will internalize all the processes of meeting women from start to finish, so that when you meet the girl you want it’s on total autopilot.

Most importantly, you will be able to trust the process that you’ve built. When you meet your dream girl, you will treat her exactly as you have all the other girls who you’ve been successful with. After all, you will have built this process to meet her.

Inside the home-study program, you will also find:

• How to make the world your pickup lab. I set out a learning path that you can follow during a short period of your life that is designed to have you interacting with women constantly.

• Techniques to progressively desensitize yourself to being around women and taking the lead.

• The reason why most guys never realize when a woman is looking for a short-term sexual encounter.

• How to emotionally persuade women into liking you, as opposed to trying to get a logical response.

• Powerful exercises to become a better person for women to be with, inside and out.

• A detailed explanation on how to befriend large groups of people, handle social pressure, and out-alpha guys.

• How to improve your conversational skills so that you are always adding value to any interaction.

• Specific strategies to refining and testing your sexual vibing skills

• An analysis of a seminal book on female sexuality.

• A guide to getting all the body language fundamentals down for good.

• The 6 traits that will inform women all they need to know about your confidence level.

• The most insightful and detailed explanation of female psychology…EVER! (You could study sexology and psychology for YEARS and not even come close to the details I reveal here!)

• Proven field-worthy formulas for changing a woman’s mood.

• How to build a lifestyle that engages women's sexual interest.

• The astonishing truths behind the “Secret Society,” which I first discovered many years ago.

• A complete breakdown of club dynamics: why girls are drawn to them, and how to hold court in a variety of situations.

• How to tailor your game in ways that address the value matrix of the most attractive girls.

• Various examples of how submissive roles are used – and how to avoid being pushed into them.

• The 15 field-tested, surefire responses to congruence tests, including how to maintain the stronger frame at all times.

• The game should be fun! Ways to keep you engaged and focused on your long-term goals without ever viewing this as work.

…and many more instantly usable tips and techniques to transition your thinking to that of a LADIES MAN.

“Two full days of this was great. Just the stuff I needed to hear. But sooo much information I had to get internalized…

He was very non-threatening. People in the past who I’ve noticed were successful with women were the same way. He had us dozen or so guys completely captivated. It’s the freedom to date anyone you want.

And in life, it’s about connecting with an awesome group of people, learning how to learn, getting what you want, being alpha or whatever, and about being happy and fulfilled – no regrets.”

Jerry R. from Ann Arbor, MI, USA

I Will Be Your Guide Through A Perfect Pickup

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve found yourself becoming nervous when you’re around women.

But have you also found yourself asking others for advice for that one particular date you wanted to go on?

If you’re like most men, you asked one of your friends for advice, you know, the ones who are “Naturals.”

Your friends probably gave you the best advice they could give you in that moment, telling you how to act so that you could pull of coming across as a Cool Guy.

But for all their good intentions, they were unable to give you the core advice that you later realized would have made all the difference. It wasn’t their fault: They simply didn’t know how to articulate their advice enough for you to digest it and implement it in your game.

If you lost the window of opportunity with that woman, it’s probably because your friends didn’t know that one of your needy behavior patterns would pop out unexpectedly.

In the end, you failed to bring the girl home, and you took solace in the fact that you had done everything you “could,” justifying yourself by saying that even with the advice of “naturals” you couldn’t pull.

Therefore, because their advice didn’t work, it meant that there was something wrong with the girl, right?


It simply meant that along the process, YOU did something wrong that neither you nor your friends knew would happen. Now how will you ever know what to correct if you don’t know the mechanics of a pickup, from start to finish?

There are 8 elements to a solid pickup. This is the meat of the program, where you’ll have total access to just the BEST of my thinking and view of pickup.

“I must say that Tyler’s near-psychic analysis of the dynamics of any given situation…was a significant value booster for the overall package…(he) articulated the dynamics of situations and any solutions sooo far beyond anyone else it wasn’t even funny.”
Matt from Los Angeles, CA, USA

The most important thing for you to do is to prevent yourself from getting stuck inside your head memorizing a structure, as those “dating gurus” want you to.

With FOUNDATIONS, you will be able to go with the flow at all times, knowing how to discern what feels RIGHT in a pickup, instead of blindly adhering to a model that won’t address your particular situation. Through field-tested tactics developed through years of trial and error, you will be set to use what you want for your particular goals without ever being “manipulative” with women.

I will teach you how to naturally direct the conversation to get you toward the eight elements of the pickup, and you won’t need me to draw a picture for it.

For just approaching and starting a conversation with a woman (the first element), you will also learn:

…and this is JUST for the FIRST element of pickup!


So Here’s The Deal

Top-tier dating coaching programs are expensive and I’m consistently told by people who find out about the results that we produce with this program that I should be charging at least $1,500.

So the question is, are YOU willing to pay $1,500 to get this handled?

You should be. Guys spend their entire lives trying to make money and build empires that will attract women, and I’m positive that it would be worth it to you.

Back when I was learning this stuff, I paid a lot more to travel all over the world seeking out anyone and everyone who had just a fraction of knowledge and ability to teach it that we’ve tested, filtered out, and condensed to offer you here.

Regular professional coaching courses in any other field costs more than this. 

A lifetime of purchasing books and tapes that claim to deliver you confidence costs more than this.

And the improvements in how you feel about yourself and the quality of your life (which is slowly ticking away by the day) can’t even be given a monetary value because this is a life skill.

So yes, it would be more than worth it. But with all the “noise” out there, I want to be known for having the highest quality product and the best deal around.

I started teaching courses several years ago, and at that time what I was teaching was so unheard of (who knew that you could learn to get girls?) that I HAD to have the most ridiculously FOOL PROOF and ATTENTION GRABBING system available.

This is the reputation that’s gotten me to where I’m at, and I’ve preserved it even now.

So that’s why if you have enough desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing $369 in yourself for the DVD course and/or $269 for the CD course, we will provide you with the most comprehensive dating home study course ever released.

We’ll deliver you hours of dating strategies, so make sure that you are ready to make all the crucial little adjustments you need to be made to make sure that you have this DEALT WITH and a solid game plan at the end of the course..

We’ve been around longer than any other company that tries to teach you how to be good with women, and we're infinitely more thorough and geared to handle any type of student or situation because we've worked with such a wide ranger of people.

We are notorious for doing whatever it takes to get results for ourselves and the people who learn from us.

After years of reading our attendees’ reviews and learning from their feedback it pleases me to no end that as far as producing results in students goes, we’ve developed a teaching style that is untouchable.  Nobody else comes close.


Something I’ve always noticed is that people always love bonuses…

It just gives you that novel Christmas type feeling of unwrapping something new. And when they’re actually useful, it makes the deal that much sweeter. 

Remember… When you see it LIVE you’ll finally have that VIVID UNDERSTANING of how a guy who’s been pulling women for years lives the kind of crazy lifestyle that he leads – and how you can do it too.

You’ll walk away MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED because your mind will have VISUAL PROOF that it’s possible for an average guy to get hot girls from a totally cold approach.

And you’ll have the PRICELESS FEEDBACK that will strip years off of your learning curve and make a huge shift in how other people see you.

But to add some more cool features to this already VALUE SATURATED program, I’ve thrown in a few bonuses that you’ll get a lot out of as well:

So don't wait on this. We’re highly protective of your privacy so purchase information and receipt confirmation is emailed to you and kept confidential.

You’ll have the opportunity to absorb all the vital knowledge and absolutely crucial skills that you need to make a real identity level change and have the kind of lifestyle upgrade that will have your friends in disbelief.

Stop dabbling with half measures and integrating bad habits that you’ll have to unwire later (or like most guys that you’ll never unwire).  If you keep doing the things you’ve always done you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten. 

Do what it takes. MAKE the time. There’s always an excuse and life is ALWAYS busy, but it’s a lot more fun to be busy with a skill set that allows you to get hot girls and dominate your social scene.

I have such unwavering confidence in this program because I’ve gone to such painstaking effort to refine it and cram it with value. 

I’ve been very picky and surrounded myself with only the most phenomenally talented people, and I know that if you come in with a positive attitude and ready to learn that you’ll take such a massive level of value home with you.

Be ready to have a great time, and a REALITY SHATTERING experience learning from my own personal field experience and references, and I will TRANSFER ALL OF MY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE to you as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

If you’ve got the desire to do whatever it takes to get this handled, and the will to work on this together, sign up now while it’s still hot in your mind and use our combined years of teaching experience to get you exactly to where you want to be.

Get a Full “RSD MASTERMIND” Audio Collection

Ok.  So we've done everything we can to make this accessible to you, even though the VALUE of this program will MORE than exceed the cost.

Good enough yet??

How about, as a special bonus for buying this program, I'll also send you several years of audio seminars from the brand new RSD MASTERMIND course.

(An upcoming monthly program where myself and the RSD crew will answer your most hardcore, field-specific questions in meticulous detail).

RSD Mastermind

Here's how it works – order Foundations and I'll throw in RSD Mastermind audio collection packed with brand-new 'how to' material to blast you past those sticking points.  That's right, FREE.

If (when) you love these audios, hold onto them and stay subscribed.  Every month you'll get another cutting edge “All Questions Answered” RSD Mastermind seminar and you'll be automatically be charged only $19.95.  You can cancel anytime with no hassles and no questions asked.

These seminars are worth easily $200 EACH, and they're yours for FREE for getting Foundations... that's how seriously we take your improvement.






I feel like I have complete game plan now.

- Beau B. from Chicago, IL, USA

I’m So Sure That You Will Love This Program That I’m Willing To Do Something That Nobody Else Is Willing To Do By Offering a Full Money Back Guarantee...

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Foundations Superconference course(s), I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND. I only ask two things.

First, you must listen or watch the ENTIRE program. I know that if you do, you will get so much value that you’ll be dying to share your experience with your friends.

If you don't agree, just let me know what went wrong and make sure I receive the course(s) back from you within 30 days of your purchase - I'll be happy to issue you a refund. All I ask is that the course (s) you return are as you received them - no scratches, dents, fingerprints, handwriting, or other damage to the discs, binder, or powerpoint slide printoffs.

This Foundations Superconference course(s) is the next step for your success with women. If you signup right now, all you have to do to reserve your copy of the Foundations Superconference course(s) is to place down $369 for the DVD course and/or $269 for the CD course... it's that easy.

I cannot POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you.

When you signup, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your Foundations Superconference course(s) (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order - you can pay by mail or PayPal, but I can't send you anything until your check or PayPal payment has cleared).

Go through this Foundations Superconference course(s) from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL start meeting more hot women.

Take the Foundations Superconference course(s) RISK-FREE. If you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON - just make sure I receive it back from you within 30 days of your purchase and that the product is in the condition as described above.  Done. 

If you love the program (and I'm betting that you will), you will be absolutely enthusiastic about how you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you meet and date more beautiful women. I get emails every day from guys who have taken the programs that are now having big time success in the dating world, and I want to see you get these results too.





    Now is the best time to get this area of your life handled so signup now and set yourself on a path of momentum towards the success you've always wanted with beautiful women in your life.

   Your Dating Success Coaches and Friends,

           P.S. I guarantee that you will find no program that is better for you in your education on success with attracting and dating women. And to give you a glimpse of what all the fuss is about…

Preview the Foundations home study course

And if you want to hear about our Bootcamps straight from live alumni who have graduated from our programs...

See Success Stories Of Real Guys Who Participated in Bootcamps

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    “I’ve lost a lot of my nervousness. All the [Real Social Dynamics] instructors were great...

- Bryan N. from Wichita, Kansas, USA



“Bootcamp was exactly what I was looking for. My only regret is that I can’t spend a week or more here.

- Jason D. from Plano, Texas, USA



  “Awesome program - great venue tonight, and I did 20 [approaches] together.  I did 4 openers in non bar setting-restaurants and coffee shops, new territory for me and meet another one of my goals.

- Michael S. from Chicago, IL, USA



  “I have learned its all about positively stimulating emotional states in women while maintaining the frame of fun and playful interactions. There were many great interactions on this Bootcamp and I feel very comfortable in field with my Instructor. He has such great material.

- Chris S. from Sydney, NSW, Australia



          “Very simple, easy to use effective content great communication of concepts and constructive feedback.

  An excellent bootcamp. From maintaining tension; maintaining conversation; escalating and progressing quickly. I know how I need to be constantly leading and being a few steps ahead of where you want to go.

  We spent a lot of time exploring new places which was fun to see...

  1. Wash rinse repeat…importance of persistence

  2. [Picking up] shop assistants— direct openers

  3. Maintaining frame through encounters

  4. Calibrating delivery to target

  5. Review of 5 steps and associated techniques.

  Hugh provided awesome feedback and analysis, great to [wing] with and gives helpful in advice. Always ready with the bad cop close.

- Julian M. from Richmond, Victoria, Australia



  “Approaching Women No Problem, and I need a few more break the ice lines. After a few more break the ice lines...

  I learned how to be more cool way to stand, approach better, speak better, just an overall better idea, how to project and make myself more attractive. All good but need to be more practiced and have to have more backup. Using humor more and learning to cold read more.

  I went through previous days and nights, what I did right and wrong. Now, I got more comfortable in my approaches. And I wrote down a more detailed structure of program to practice. Ways to improve my game, etc…

- Mark M. from Sydney, NSW, Australia



  “I now have a solid plan to do when I want to approach women. I am surprised how easy and simple the information is to use and yet how affective it is. Instructors made the information very easy to understand and made me feel like I had support whenever I made mistakes.

  I learned a new opener that I can use. I gained experience approaching a variety of different [girls]. Some with moms, guys, and scary girls. I learnt when to be cocky/funny, and when not to.

  The program was awesome. It’s given me the system to approach women anywhere, anytime with confidence.

- Nathan W. from Miami, FL, USA



  “I learned about reference points and their importance. The structure of the bootcamp allowed me to learn techniques from the instructors then immediately apply them to meeting women and get immediate feedback. This real-world value beats reading/listening to a bunch of ebooks and programs but not being able to “get” how it really works in the real world. Excellent for boosting confidence in meeting women. Tim pinpointed the weaknesses in my body language/voice tonality, and taught how to lead with powerful nonverbal communication.

  Learned about fashion and style, and the instructors helped me pick good clothes and shoes. Then in the evening I learned about isolation and escalation, and practiced in the field. The instructors gave valuable observations and feedback in the field. Tim helped me pick some really cool clothes and shoes, and taught me isolation and escalation.

  Tim helped me pick more cool clothes, then took me to a Sydney Lair meeting where he gave a talk on isolation and escalation. I learned many subtle but important points such as the importance of having the stronger frame. At night we had field practice, which ended with extracting 2 girls back to the penthouse with Tim’s help.”

- Keng Y. from Singapore



  “I learned about the 3 types of rapport, opening [girls]. Body language and how it relates to what women see and what we see. The structure at the seminar I thought was excellent (like it will work for every one most of the time). Tim definitely knows the material well and explains it in a way I understand completely. I learned many things regarding dating and personal development well set out material and structures. Keep up the good work.

- Peter P. from Sydney, NSW, Australia



  “I was very impressed. It’s been a paradigm shifting experience. My first thought on meeting Tim was “what can this kid teach me?”. An hour later, I stood in awe, as he “flamed” a dude out of “mixed [groups]”. The guys is a machine and an inspirational thinker and a very clear educator. Thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening.Excellent: I’m just shooting hoops, baby!

  Day 2 left me struggling for a hold on the moment at times. I realized how much more there was to learn and how much work I had to do internally. I also realized I’d talked to more women in 48 hours (I’ve approached strangers) than I had in the previous six months. The most gratify experience was seeing the growth in confidence in another student, D. He was extremely brave considering the cultural conflect.

  I guess I recognize this course is not a magic bullet, it won’t transform a man into Brad Pitt – but it does alters your mindset – you realize it’s a game and act accordingly. The biggest thrill for me was seeing a socially awkward guy like the student – D– go from gump to gunslingers, his self confidence had grown exponentially in three days.

- Sam D. from Sydney, NSW, Australia



  “My dating life in the last year has been better than the rest of my life put together! After the bootcamp, I would go out every weekend to the mall or bookstore or whatever and just practice what you taught me. I slowly got better and better at carrying a conversation. Then one day my cousin invites me to this house party, telling me there's going to be plenty of hot babes. We get to the house and there are a lot of girls, but most of them were just OK looking. Then I spot this one chick that's a solid 9, easily the hottest chick there. She gets hit on by every guy in the house, but mostly sticks with her little clique of friends.

  I got in using the group techniques you taught. I was a little scared at first because her guy friends looked like Mexican gangsters. At first I directed my attention to the friends to keep her guard down, but once I finished my opener she jumped in with opinions about her experiences with roommates. The conversation flowed pretty naturally with the whole group for a while, then I started to focus more and more on the hot chick. Eventually, the rest of the group just left us alone and we talked exclusively to each other.

  I came to find out she was Dominican and just moved to LA from NYC to start modeling for Armani. She came to the party with her cousins and their friends. She then told me what a relief it was to talk to a guy who actually had something to say and wasn't just trying to get into her pants (ironic because that was EXACTLY what I was trying to do!).

  The best feeling I had was when I looked up and all the guys at the party that she blew off were looking at me. My cousin's look was the best because he had always known me to be a chump when it came to women, now I'm going up and talking to models.

  At the end of the night when it was time to go I tried something a little different. Instead of getting her number, I gave her mine and told her to call me sometime. I didn't really think she would call then I started to beat myself up for not getting her number, but then about three weeks later, she calls! She pissed cause out of all the guys she's met in LA, I'm the only one who isn't weird. I tell her to come over and she does. I don't do anything fancy, we just sat out in my back yard and talked. Again the conversation went pretty naturally for a good long time. At one point I go back inside to get a drink and she follows me in. When I turn around to ask what she wanted, she came right up to me and just starts kissing me. We made out for a good while, then made our way to the bedroom.

You can figure out what happened from there.

We've been together since then and its been great! The best is when everyone who knows me asks "What the hell is a girl like that doing with a guy like you?" I think the key for me was when I heard Tyler say once that the art of pick-up was the art of acting normal. The frame I adopted was to just act normal, but keep the structure you guys taught me in mind.

- Sean S. from Orange County, CA, USA



  “My experience with RSD was FANTASTIC! There was TONS of material, and it was presented in a very clear and organized manner. Geoff is a fantastic guy who clearly has the skills and practices what he preaches, and also clearly cares about seeing students do well. Indeed, EVERYONE there was extremely helpful and wanted to see the students get better.

  We also heard a bit from one of their interns, an Asian kid, kind of shy, for whom English is a second language, so he's fighting a big uphill battle. He turned out to be a REALLY cool guy and it was very inspirational to see him getting out there, overcoming fears, and getting into [groups] and such.

  My notes for days 2 and 3 are all together, but on those days we talked more about value and what makes women attracted. A bit more on frame control, body language, tonality, tempo, etc. We talked about the three kinds of rapport, humor, qualifying, spontaneity & congruence, buyer's remorse, IOI's [indications of interest], ways to get to the hook point, a bit on group theory, push-pull, and stories.

  These are not just guys out to make a buck and who don't give a shit about their students. These are guys who genuinely like to see their students improve. I think some of the people who have gone to their bootcamps before wanted to be "buddies" with the instructors, and were more intent on that than on getting pussy.

  Tyler wanted to push my limits to show me just what kind of stuff you get away with. He would have me go up to girls and say, "Hey, you're cute. I wanna have a crush on you. What's your name? Oh, OK [name of hot babe]. Here, let me give you a noogie!" RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR BOYFRIENDS! I had one girl just giggling like a little schoolgirl and eating out of my hand. He had me walk up to a cute blonde chick who was being gamed by a HUGE guy, and I basically blew him out for as long as I kept talking to her. And so on, and so on...

  This was just to sort of open my mind up and push my limits a bit. I got some good feedback from the instructors about needing to bust on women a bit more, etc. I did do one good [approach] on British girls, got a kiss from one of them as she left, and she told me her room number, said to give the hotel a call and ask for that room.

- O. from Chicago, IL, USA




  -PROJECTION. When you open a [woman], or are just talking to people, being louder (naturally, without straining) makes you more dominant.

  -POSITIVE FRAME. Tim could tell just from my body language what I was thinking before approach. I concentrated on my actions, eliminating the negative, defensive, actions, and focusing on the positive, proactive actions. Lesson learned: have FUN on your night out, and recalibrate.

  -COOL. Your body language can still be laid-back cool, but your conversation has to be something else.

  -KEEPING THE FRAME/PLOWING. In the opening/attraction stage of the game, it’s important to own the frame, to plow it open. To do it right, it helps to have a few things down: attraction material, non-needy BL [body language], booming projection. Another cool thing [Tim] did were those cool mini-take-away type things.

  -AMOGing. The AMOGing stuff is SO awesome to watch. You can tell by watching an interaction how deep in or how alpha a guy is, and just by coming in and blowing him out by IGNORING him, your value jumps up so high.

  -FUNNY STUFF. I learned the Leprecaun dance, the DRAGAWAY! SONG, and the power of inside jokes. Above all, the VALUE of having fun, being the coolest, funnest guys in the room. [Women] will open YOU if you have this down.

  -QUALIFICATION. Tim had this $$$ qualification bit. It was a lot to do with body-language (very convincing and natural).

  - THE STORIES. Watching [Tim] in action was pretty cool. He would get AI’s [approach invitations] and IOI’s [indications of interest] wherever he went, because he had all the sub-communications down, was dressed cool, and was just chilling with friends. He could bust open a [group] in seconds, because he had all the little nuances down, but externally it came from a frame where he was just chilling out and having fun.

  It was also interesting seeing the ‘darker’ side of pick-up. Like, what to do about a chick who’s into you, but you’re not into, afterwards. Honestly, I need a re-frame. It’s just fun. You had fun, they had fun. You can’t think too much about it, and I think you need to project this frame to the chick in order to manage her relationship expectations.

  -NOW. I've got the basics. Really I think it's a matter of just chilling out, and having a good time, chatting to girls and calibrating at the end of the night. Repeat.

  For those of you considering a seminar, workshop or bootcamp, there’s tremendous value in all three. Because this game is something you’ve probably never seen before, it’s almost impossible to envision it accurately. Like, I spent three months reading posts, stories and material, but I was still WAY off in how I pictured the game to be. If you’re not in the field, it’s like learning about American NFL by reading books, as opposed to watching or playing a real game.

  If you’re out in the field, you’re already getting good feedback from your own social interactions, but going to RSD is like getting coaching from someone who has ALREADY gone through that long trial and error process and calibration. It’s the difference between say, learning golf by playing by yourself for two years, or getting coaching from a professional. In the end, you’ll need both to get really good.”

- L.G. from Sydney, NSW, Australia



  “At 20, Tim is an average-looking Melbourne boy who works in finance. Yet within an hour, I'm watching him do things I've never witnessed before.



  Day 1 - My 1st Time in LA

  Just a few of the guys that I met during my stay at Project Hollywood, some through sheer luck b/c they live in the LA area and others b/c they live in PH: Tyler, Geoff, Thomas Crown, Jlaix, Papa, David DeAngelo, Craig, Merovingian.

  On Day 1, the program started off with Tyler and Geoff giving a lecture on their game structure, motivations for getting better - what our goals are, what we should do to make the most out of our bootcamp experience, his history as a PUA [pickup artist], etc.

  Watching Tyler and Geoff working on several [girls] was really interesting and surprising to me. The whole time they look straight into a HB’s eyes while conversating with them, and they keep their hand gestures at a minimal. Their body language doesn’t display neediness at all. It’s relaxed, loose, and firmly on the ground. With a naked eye it seems as though they’re just some regular guys talking – not gaming – to these girls, when in fact they are gaming them hardcore.

  Their verbal game is so tight that HBs [hot babes] typically KINO them first, and at high points in the interaction these guys subtly close the proximity between them and the HB. Eventually, as their proximity between each other lessens and as the girls Buying Temperature skyrockets and she’s KINOing him and laughing at all of his jokes she finds herself sexually attracted to him like no other.

  As for me and the other bootcamp student, we learned a lot by observing their game, and by approaching so many [women] that night in the night club. I felt broke down several limiting beliefs that I used to have: that of being very young and not being able to PU women in their mid-20s and of PUing 9s and 10s in the LA nightclub scene. I approached one LA 10, and I was surprised at how they were attracted to me b/c I was so calm and composed while interacting w/ them. Me and the other bootcamp student both #closed a girl that night.

  While eating and sitting at our tables, I was pushed into walking up to other tables of girls and gaming them. I approached a 2 [girls] sitting down, and I felt real awkward b/c I never sarged in a restaurant/diner atmosphere before, but I ended up number-closing the better of the two girls.

  DAY 2 – I’m in love with LA.

  I got a few number closes that day, and I felt my game improving. The 5-point structure was very helpful and on the dot. Applying it let me easily identify where I was in terms of working the interaction towards a close. At night we hit up another A-crowd nightclub. Me and the other bootcamp students again mass approached all the [approaches] in the venue. At many points during the night Geoff would have us observe a natural gaming a girl, taking note of his body language and the way he treats her. We’re also taught to screen the whole club, to be able to see which guys are alpha/beta, and which ones get a lot of ass, etc. It was still interesting to watch it in an elite LA nightclub.

  DAY 3 – I’ve never seen so many fake tits in one weekend.

  More shopping and more daytime sarging. I number closed a couple of times. While we were in this one boutique shopping, Geoff was talking to one of the girls that working there. Geoff works his game while I’m waiting outside the store on the lookout for some honeys and the next thing I know the other bootcamp students come out telling me how Geoff took her arms, pushed her up against the wall, and started making out with her in front of her boss. He #closed her, and then we left Melrose .


  On one of the nights I was out with Tyler in a club, and we saw a banging brunette (10s) with a good-looking guy – it turns out that he used to be one of the cast members of Party of Five. The 10s all over the guy, and she has one of her legs over his legs. Me and Tyler are a couple of meters away, and suddenly Tyler says “watch this”. Tyler walks up to them and opens them.

  So during this whole time Tyler is facing the AMOG [alpha male other guy] and talking only to him, and is totally ignoring the 10. The 10 (who happens to be a Hawaiian Tropics model) starts trying to get into the conversation and starts nagging Tyler . Tyler starts busting her balls and says stuff along the lines “is she always like this?, etc.”So Tyler ’s been leading the whole conversation and eventually I notice that the 10 no longer has her legs on the AMOG anymore, and that Tyler is standing close between her legs (both the 10 and AMOG were seated on some platform).

  The 10 keeps KINOing Tyler, and her body-language is directly facing him, and the AMOG starts looking a little jealous. And right then Geoff steps in and starts talking to the AMOG in such a way that the AMOG is facing him and can’t see the interaction between 10 and Tyler. While Geoff talking about random stuff with the Party of Five AMOG, Tyler gets closer to the 10 and she tells him that T yler should hang out with her cuz she’ll spend his money on him.

  Eventually Tyler gets the phone number of the 10 , and the AMOG can’t see it at all even though he’s sitting right next to her cuz Geoff was talking to him the whole time. The whole thing was done so perfectly, and it was excellent timing on Geoff’s part on winging Tyler . The club closed, and when we were heading back to our car the 10 frantically ran after T yler and hugged him. Her Buying Temperature was that shot up.

  It’s only been a month since I’ve taken the bootcamp, and I’ve gotten several numbers on campus – both during the day and at night, and the structured game tactics that I’ve learned have given me a great edge in kicking me up my learning curve.

  So it boils down to the final question - is the RSD bootcamp worth its $1500? Definitely. But just watching these guys in action and living with them 3-days straight is priceless.

  I don't think my game would've changed any more had I taken the bootcamp at a more advanced level. If anything, it's helping me now more b/c the picture of Tyler PUing [picking up] that Hawaiian Tropics model off the Party of Five AMOG stuck to me, and always will in the days to come. I realize what's possible, and my logical mind is no longer resisting change b/c of it. Rather it's excited and eager to get better. I am convinced that this shit is real, and I'm determined to get my game up to the point where I could pull stuff like that as well. ”

- B.M. from Ann Arbor, MI, USA



  “Day1 -

  I tell Todd that I've never done a cold approach, so could he please do few so I could see how it's done. Within the first 5 minutes of him approaching, any skepticism or concern i had of Todd being my instructor was gone. He was a GREAT instructor. I did an approach. Thanks to 26 and Todd, I did 2 more fairly soon and no longer shook afterwards. By the end of the day I had done 8 approaches. Some singles, some walking and at least 1 sitting 2 [women].

  Todd number closed 2 that I can remember from that day (one being a really hot 20-yr old blond), but ok, so I'm not paying $1500 bucks for Todd to number close, right? So what did I get out of that first day. the first night comes and i get to see 26 and Todd peacocked - picked up some tips from watching them in that aspect. I did 8 more approaches that night and by the end of the night had a list of routines and little "tidbits" that I saw them do.

  One of the most amazing things that I saw was an AMOG [alpha male other guy] stopped Todd while we were looking for another [group of girls]. So the AMOG, trying to tool Todd says "Hey, my friend wants to meet you." Within seconds he's getting IOIs. He's getting kino - this girl was REALLY into him. And he hadn't actually DONE anything. He was just giving off the right vibe, and was peacocked, and was showing social proof. Just amazing!

  Day 2 -

  Did 11 daytime [approaches]. The anxiety was still there but DRAMATICALLY reduced from the previous day. Again 26 and Todd both pushed me - literally, at times - into [groups of women]. And they kept fixing things. When it was time for the student to try and get a phone number close, Twentysix wrote "PHONE NUMBER" on a yellow sticky and walked behind the girls and held it up to make sure the guy would see it. He number closed them!

  Again, I approached several [groups of women] (11 or 12) and I'd either approach and eventually eject, or one 26/Todd would come by and join the [group]. When they'd do this, they'd turn to me and tell me what routines to run in front of the [women]. This would keep me in the [group] and would force me to go outside my comfort zone (otherwise, I probably would've ejected).

  Day 3 -

  Tyler and Todd had previously run game on 2 blondes they met. And they were coming over. So Tyler told us to stick around and watch. Definitely a learning experience...I saw some great body language from which I'm now trying to emulate, and again I was reminded that these guys are just leaning back and being chill and chatty. They're just having fun, and not making a big thing about talking to these women. They're just talking to them, and they don't come across like they're trying to score a number or anything.

  I did get massive IOIs [indications of interest] from this one girl, who came back to reengage me and who didn't leave when her friends came back to try and drag her away.

  Before this, I wasn't able to approach 2 [women] that were standing right behind me. Now? Well...I'm still scared and I'm still reminding myself to just relax and be chill, but I did 4 approaches last night, and 1 earlier today. Not a lot? Yeah...well...considering that's 5 approaches more than i did the past 5 years, I think I'm on my road to becoming a PUA [pickup artist]. I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY with the bootcamp. These guys' games are T-I-G-H-T. It was like having a physical trainer that wasn't gonna let you cheat on your reps. And again, I appreciated it. I also saw what I considered the 2nd tightest-run game all weekend...

  As instructors, they kept giving me suggestions, corrections, kept PUSHING me (again, sometimes literally) into [groups], would join me to help me in an [approach] and to show me what it's like to run solid game, and would tell me what to say IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS. I also DO PLAN to take the RSD bootcamp AGAIN. I'll have completely different sticking points, but look forward to getting help from 26 and Todd.”

- Rolland L. from Los Angeles, CA, USA



 “DAY 1: Today, I got a basic overview of what was going to happen this weekend. Today was the evaluation. I was observed and the coaches figured out what I needed to improve in my game. I learned that I need to work on voice projection/tonality, my body position when approaching women, and frame control. I think that the intstructors know what they are doing, and are very good at what they do. So far I think the material is excellent from what I've been told. I think I'm going to learn a lot this weekend. I think the structure is helpful. Being bombarded with maerial, and then going out and using it helps me to learn and understand it better than if I were to just read about it. Jeffy seems to really care about what he is doing. So far, he has provided excellent insight, and I can't wait to find out what else he knows.

  DAY 2: Today I learned more about using the game and the steps were covered in depth. I made little improvements in my body language...I don't peck much anymore, but I need to get closer to the girls, and not face them head on directly. One of the concepts that I really liked and made a lot of sense was change her mood/not her mind; but I've got to learn how to change her mood without coming off as overly excited/needy. Another major point that I learned that I need way mre improvement on is OWNING THE FRAME. I need to get more excellent. Jeffy is always watching and observing what I'm doing. He makes sure to let me know a couple of times and will correct me while in group.

  DAY 3: This has been far the most beneficial program that I have ever taken. I am walking away from this program with a plan and things to work on to improve my game. I have seen many examples of things that I can make my own/or modify to make my own. Again, the instructors see to be really into what they are doing, and that being combined with their ability to get consistent results makes me want to work even harder to achieve that level of success. Jeffy is awesome. I learned so much from him. He is always helpful and always on me to constantly improve. I think he has helped me on my way to success. Mike J has a style that is very different. It was an example of someone who I could take bits and pieces from and use in my own game. I like Christophe's calm demeanor. He was very assertive and made me feel like I had unlimted potential.

- Michael J. from Aloha, OR, USA



  “[A Letter to an RSD Instructor]

  Without getting too sentimental, I've thought of your personality many times during my sarges [while picking up girls].  Sure, you got across the actual RSD material [during the New York Bootcamp], but what really stands out is the fearless way you acted like a man, when you were with women who were used to guys acting subserviently.  I am sure your life experiences will grow exponentially, better and better.

- Elliott M. from New York, NY, USA


  “The seminar with Papa was something that totally changed my life. I feel more confident. He is a genius pickup-artist and a good teacher. His strategies have given me new insights and I have a whole different world with women right now. I believe I have a whole different level of success with women now. I was in San Francisco and I would like to thank the instructors for helping me out. I could see that he wanted to really teach me and his caring came through his sincerity”

- Harsh B. from Mumbai, India



  “I learned to open without fear of the end. I can walk away from a girl without thinking badly of the outcome. The seminar structure is excellent. Geoff addressed image and was very supportive in uplifting support...Mike was very fast and answered all my questions...

  Randy had a very positive attitude. He is very good at explaining what is taking place...Second night was better than the first night. I didn't perceive the same difficulty as my classmaters. Thank you Papa for the story telling exercises. It helped me greatly on storytelling. I know what to look for.

  I need to be pushed harder. Having Tyler along was awesome. He's the smiling guy. I'm a natural smiler so I'd think I keyed in with him. Later that evening, I started to understand the dynamics of value levels and the techniques to work value levels...Even without something to say, I forced myself to talk. The material, physical connection, and closing was concise and simple.

  OVERWHELMING - the first two days was very difficult for me to engage conversation. My goals for approaches were helpful to force me to use the same attract tactics while instructors were wings...Geoff was awesome. His personal debrief was exactly what I needed. Every evening, I got positive feedback...Randy was funny as hell. I didn't question his opening anymore. He gave very good suggestions on what to say next after the opening.

- Victory K. from Oxnard, CA, USA